Our Story

Most Home Emergency Repair Companies will cover your boiler and sometimes your radiators, and often people can get this standard cover for around £24.99/month.  Generally people will see this as a decent deal, however unfortunately people often believe they are covered for things that they are not, often at a later expense.  We see the £24.99/month as fair, however we want to make sure that for that money people actually get the plan they think they have.

This is why we set up our plan Simplicity by Home Emergency Repairs.

No longer will you have a £60 – £95 call out fee, no longer will you be limited to 3 callouts a year.  Simplicity will always give you free callouts and an unlimited numbers of claims per year.

That’s not all!

We also believe and know that 35% of all claims do not relate to the boiler and/or radiators. This is why simplicity covers way more, all for the same monthly fee.

So whether its unwanted furry or flying invaders or your home’s security has been broken or its 2 am in the morning and you’ve lost your keys, call our 24 hour 365 day emergency hotline and we’ll have our people zip out and solve your problem.